The fixed car wash site owners are still at it.  Even though the California Regional Water Quality Control Board ruled that The Car Wash Guys were not violating any regulations, the fixed site operators continue their campaign again The Car Wash Guys.  We did some minor investigative work and found that the author of this letter was not a "concerned property owner". He is actually a fixed site car wash owner...trying to eliminate competition by deception.

m36.jpg (7978 bytes)October 16, 1991

Dear Property Owner:

Re: City Council Ruling Effecting Your Property

Are you aware that a decision rendered by the City Council of Thousand Oaks on September 24, 1991, allows commercial vehicles with water tanks to WASH CARS ON YOUR PROPERTY.  The ramifications of this are dire, subjecting and exposing you to personal liability.  (general liability, auto liability and workmen's compensation liability).  I suggest you contact your insurance carrier as to this exposure.

Other factors for consideration which could effect you are Environmental regulations governed by:

  1. California Regional Water Quality Control Board
  2. Coastal Commission - Fish and Game
  3. Resource Management Agency - Ventura County Environmental Health Department

City Council on September 24, 1991, meeting ruled that a Ad Hoc committee convene within 30 days, with the Planning Issues Committee, to review this matter and prepare new guide lines and/or code amendments  dealing with this issue.

As a property owner in opposition to this activity, I urgently request a written response stating your position in this matter to preserve your rights as a property owner.  Please send correspondence to my attention, Jack Galley, 467 N. Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, California, 91360, to be submitted to this committee.

Time is of the essence.

Very truly yours,
Jack Galley

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