Everyone won on car wash
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News Chronicle

Editor, News Chronicle:

I wish to thank everyone for their support in the City vs. The Car Wash Guys battle.  Everybody won at last Tuesday's city council meeting.  The carwash owners saved $10,000, the kids of all different groups can still have fund-raisers and I can keep my business.  Even our customers can still have weekly service at their offices.

I wish to thank Ian Gertzen for his non-biased reporting of this issue.  That gave the kids the leverage they needed to win the battle.I wish to thank Ally Edwards, Craig Primo of Tom McClintock's office and, or course, Tom himself.  Thanks to Maria VanderKolk and her staff, Doug Johnson and Carol Classen.  Also thanks to Mayor Schillo and Councilmen Fiore, Band   Director Al Zeller, Mr. and Mrs. Levitt, the Westlake Chamber, the Thousand Oaks High School Boosters, Steve Rubenstein and Glenn Morris at Conejo Chamber of Commerce and Mr. and Mrs. Merrill of the L.D.S. Church.

Thanks to Bill Seaver, superintendent of schools; Don Lavoie, city code enforcement officer; Reem, Ventura County Environmental health Department; the Ventura County Fire Department; Ventura County District Attorney's office; Mr. Harris, Los Angeles Regional Control District; and most importantly, all the kids and parent at Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park high schools.

I'm glad to see that our city council did the right thing once again.  Thank you everybody.

Lance Winslow,
Thousand Oaks
Sept. 25
(Lance Winslow is president and chief executive officer of The Car Wash Guys) 

Reprinted from News Chronicle, September  25, 1991.

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