Finally!  A letter from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board which ends the disagreement with the Thousand Oaks Code Enforcement Official.

California Regional Water Quality
Control Board
m29.jpg (7247 bytes)Los Angeles Region
101 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park CA 91754-2156

September 24, 1991

Donald C. Lavoie,
Code Enforcement Manager
City of Thousand Oaks
2150 Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

I have reviewed your (draft?) staff report regarding the item scheduled for tonight's city council meeting in the matter of the Car Wash Guys (your reference MCV 91-9257).

I wish to address the portion of that report which deals with possible permitting by this Regional Board.

I understand that the company states that it only uses clean (presumably domestic) water with no additives to wash vehicles. As such, this would not constitute a discharge of pollutants and would not therefore require a permit from this Board.

Please call me if you have further questions about this matter.

Richard A. Harris
Assistant Executive Officer

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