You can never receive too many thank you letters.  This letter is from a very dedicated "soccer parent."

Newbury Park Soccer Club

m28.jpg (9891 bytes)December 29, 1990

To whom it may concern:

I have resided in Thousand Oaks for more than twenty years, raising four children who were all active in youth sports with the Newbury Park Soccer Club as a Head Coach and member of the Board of Directors.  Fund raising for such organizations has always been a difficult, time consuming, thankless chore - until Lance Winslow and The Car Wash Guys.

I met Lance in the summer of 1990 and discovered he had developed a mobile car wash business.  Utilizing a truck with an attached water tank and a high pressure spray system, Lance successfully mobilized the car wash industry.   In addition to the mobility advantage, the high pressure spray system enables Lance to wash a full size car with only two gallons of water.  This is a tremendous savings over the traditional car wash or household hose which wastes 50-100 gallons of water per car.

I approached Lance regarding the possibility of working a car wash fund raiser for Newbury Park Soccer Club.  The response was overwhelming.   Lance volunteered the services of two mobile trucks, his employees, and all the necessary supplies to wash cars on a busy Saturday - with all the proceeds being donated to Newbury Park Soccer Club.  I participated in the car wash and can verify that Lance washed cars from 9:00 AM until dark, for the benefit of Newbury Park soccer players.   I can honestly say this was the most generous action I have witnessed in ten years of fund raising efforts.  I am aware that LANCE has performed similar fund raising ventures benefiting many other youth sports organizations, community groups and school functions in the Thousand Oaks area.  Lance Winslow is a tireless worker, who has generously donated his time, resources and profits to others in this community and his efforts should be applauded by all.

very truly yours,
David E. Nesbitt
Newbury Park Soccer Club

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