Contact: Lance Winslow
Phone: (800) 879-8783


   Thousand Oaks, CA, December 19 -- Responding to the need for the citizens of Thousand Oaks to support the new Civic Arts Plaza and increase its visibility in the community, a group of Business students from California Lutheran University and City Council Candidate Lance Winslow have formed a group called "Action Now" to battle the negativity often associated with the project.
   This project has gained the support of the Alliance for the Arts and will be presented to the Thousand Oaks City Council for their consideration at an upcoming meeting scheduled in early 1995.
   According to Winslow, "We continually hear from negative elements within the community who constantly complain about the architecture, the height of the building and the view from the freeway. Instead of being part of the problem, we're dedicating ourselves to being part of the solution. To continually badmouth the Civic Arts Plaza and hope for its failure is wrong, and we plan on being that positive voice in the community when others would take the east way out."
   Winslow and company have come up with low cost, positive projects in which to promote the plaza, and are suggesting possible mitigations to make the plaza more attractive from the freeway. The committee will recommend to the City Council to commission several landscape firms to submit ideas for enhancing the view, as well as several multimedia presentations to make available to individuals throughout the community to heighten public awareness.
   Action Now! suggests that action would be taken immediately to stop the tide of anti-Civic Arts Plaza proponents and to create a win-win situation for the entire community. Winslow notes: "While you can't please everyone in the community, it's incumbent upon the Council to give the community reasons to support the Plaza so that it will be a financial success."
   Those people interested in joining Action Now should contact Lance Winslow at (800) 879-8783.

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