Letters to the Editor

Winslow would serve us

   In 1993, like every year, we have Conejo Valley Days, the biggest event of its type this side of the Mississippi. They've already begun planning the 1995 fair. In 1993, they had a hard time finding Grand Marshal contestants. It takes a lot of time and effort, and there were only two contestants who would step up to the plate. One was Lance Winslow. For his efforts, he was named official deputy grand marshal. We need somebody on the City Council who won't go on strike after they are elected.
   I know Winslow. He has energy to spare. If he cares that much about the community, and has put in so much time already in this community as opposed to those crab grass, I mean grass-roots candidates, then let's really put him to work and see our city take off.

- Steve Meakou,
Newbury Park

Winslow can find solutions

   I'm in a wheelchair. The other day, I had a bad spill trying to negotiate a curb. What was even worse was going into a store where the aisles were too narrow.
   A while back, I saw the article in The News Chronicle about Lance Winslow's activity to promote handicapped accessibility, and called him. He was great.
   Lance has some great ideas and has been working to make it easy for both sides. He brings people together to make solutions happen, not tear people apart.
   I'm proud to vote for somebody like Lance Winslow. I'm confident he can make a real difference.

- Christine Venegas,
Thousand Oaks

Golfers, vote for Winslow

   I'm an avid golfer. I can't get enough of it, but I'm having a hard time getting a starting time. Do you know that Los Robles Gold Course is the 12tgh busiest golf course in the country? I don't have time to go down to L.A. or up to Ojai.
   If we've got the interest, why not have another golf course in the area?
   I've talked to (City) Council candidate Lance Winslow about the problem, and he seems to be the only candidate brave enough to get behind the idea. If the golf course is the only thing in the city that makes money, why not double the earning potential?
   Lance has already collected 6,000 signatures from people. While other candidates are hemming and hawing out the idea, or flat out rejecting the idea without investigating the options, Lance is out there, proving that it could be a win-win situation for everyone involved.
   Lance has my vote. I challenge all the golfers in the area to do the same.

- John Rossi,
Thousand Oaks

Winslow can help youths

   My son has a skateboard, and he isn't a member of a gang, but he's being treated as such. He was F.I. carded yesterday for skating in Vons parking lot. Where is he supposed to skate?
   If he doesn't skate, then what? Smoke pot? Join gangs? Get into graffiti? Skip school?
   I'm a working mother, and I would really appreciate someone like Lance Winslow on the council because he's still young enough to know what our youths are going through and can initiate good ideas to enhance our youth program.
   He has even worked out a potential site and solved the problem with insurance.
   Everyone has been tough on teen-agers with skateboards, but have offered no solutions. Except Lance Winslow. He has my vote.

- Marie Camdschroder,
Newbury Park

Winslow gets my vote

   I'm voting for the Car Wash Guy. There are 16 people running for three open seats on the Thousand Oaks City Council, but with all the fund-raising done throughout the community for my children's sports teams, he's taking a hands-on approach. Can you imagine Elois Zeanah washing a car?
  I hear he's raised a quarter of a million dollars for our youth. He believes in them. I believe that understanding has no age limits. I encourage all the soccer parents to vote for him. May7be we won't have to sell as many candy bars anymore.

-Sue Houck,
Thousand Oaks

Reprinted from News Chronicle, October 31, 1994.

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