Bio on Lance WinslowLance Winslow for Thousand Oaks City Council

An outspoken advocate for small business & the owner of a local mobile car wash company.  Lance Winslow is running for Thousand Oaks City Council this November, and expects to take office on January first with the other election winners.

"If we can hold on for now, I'll do what I can from the outside," said Winslow, "Once I get into office I will immediately go to work to defuse the 'anti-business' attitude which permeates from both the citizens and local government."  "Small businesses built this town and should therefore be rewarded," added Winslow.

Winslow also believes that personal attacks among city council members is counter-productive.  He believes that the auto mall sign should have been built to its original design, Mervyn's should get their sign, and that the Civic Arts Plaza should get whatever it needs to generate a positive cash flow.

Over the past six years, he has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for non-profit groups, has been involved With Conejo Valley Days and was appointed to the Ventura County Economic Vitality committee in 1991.   Most recently, he helped introduce the Mobile Crime Watch Program.

Editor's Note: The Chamber does not endorse or imply endorsement of political candidates.

Reprinted from the Conejo Business Times, September 1994. 

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