Dear Editor:

Driving down Thousand Oaks Boulevard today, I couldn't help but notice a significant number of empty stores.  One needs to ask the question, "Who in government is looking out for the small businessman in the city of Thousand Oaks?"

It appears the answer is nobody.

We the citizens of Thousand Oaks can watch our city become vacant strip malls and vacant boulevard storefronts.  Or we can elect someone who will use common sense and look out for the small businessman, someone who is a small businessman and has proven himself worthy of our support.

That person is Lance Winslow, also known as "The Car Wash Guy."

It's time for a change in city government.   Time for new blood.  Support small business in Thousand Oaks.  Support Lance Winslow, The Car Wash Guy, for Thousand Oaks city councilman.

Linda Jensen,
Thousand Oaks

Reprinted from the News Chronicle, August 31, 1994.

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