More support in our efforts to continue doing business in Thousand Oaks.  It seems that the only people that have a problem with The Car Wash Guys is the fixed location car wash business owners.

Thousand Oaks High School
Color Guard and Band Booster Club
3543 Avenida Montuoso
Thousand Oaks, California 91362

September 17, 1991

Honorable Mayor Frank Schillo
and Members of the City Council
City of Thousand Oaks
2150 Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, California 91320

Dear Honorable Mayor & Council Members:

This letter is written on behalf of Lance Winslow who washes vehicles from a mobile facility.  While his commercial operation is not really our concern, including the unfair competition issues raised by the fixed facilities, without Mr. Winslow's commercial business, the Thousand Oaks High School Lancer Bank and the other charities served by Mr. Winslow, would be seriously and adversely affected.

If the issue is competition, the City should let the marketplace decide.  There are a variety of services that Mr. Winslow can provide that fixed car washes do not.  Likewise, the fixed car washes require no appointments and provide other opportunities for the consumer.

If the issue is water runoff through our storm drains, a visual inspection of Mr. Winslow's operation simply does not reveal an impact on the cleanliness of runoff.  Most often the washing is performed on private areas where the water evaporates before any runoff takes place.  Even on the Thousand Oaks High School parking lot, no water leaves the site except by evaporation.  Whether any dirt or residue remains on the ground in the parking lot, in the area as dust, or washes off a dirty car when it rains, the resulting impact on the storm drains is the same so long as Mr. Winslow uses no detergents.  We are informed that he in fact uses no detergents.

If the competition believes that the numerous cars washed at charitable events, such as at the High School Band car washes, cuts into their business, then all such fundraising car washes must stop.  I assure you that the financial loss to the programs and demoralizing effect on the children will more than outweigh the competitive commercial benefit or any detriment as a result of waste runoff.

This entire matter is overblown and only the children who have been the recipients of Mr. Winslow's assistance and charity will suffer if it continues unabated.  Please do no impede Mr. Winslow's charitable efforts, and if that means providing commercial competition to others, so be it.  Possibly the competitors can and should be urged to develop programs and innovations to provide consumers with a unique service from that offered by Mr. Winslow.

Fundraising car washes have been around for decades and neither free competition nor modern water quality controls have to change that.

Very truly yours,

A.M. Sullivan Jr.

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