One day, Lance ran into a young student at the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.  The student, Jennifer Borgen, was researching the Conejo Valley in order to present an oral report to her class.  Lance stopped and took the time to discuss the Conejo Valley, how the Chamber and political officials are involved in helping the community, and even gave her a video tape to use in her presentation.  In return, she took the time to send a nice thank you note.  It is great to be able to support education through action, and investing time with students instead of just donating money.  These types of interactions can have a lasting effect.

m255.jpg (16208 bytes)Dear Mr. Lance Winslow III,

I'm writing in regards to the tape you purchased for me a few weeks back at the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.  I wanted to take this time to thank you for helping me accomplish my goal grade of an 'A' in my American Political System class.  Showing the tape to my class was a great benefit for taking up time during my ever so corny report on the beautiful Conejo Valley.  I also am ever so grateful for the car wash.  I should go by the Chamber of Commerce more often.  Best of luck in your future political career with the Conejo Valley.   I'll be sure to vote for you in the coming elections.

Jennifer Borgen

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