Assemblyman McClintock acts on The Car Wash Guys request, and asks the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board for a letter of exemption.

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March 6, 1991

L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board
Dave Gildersleeve
101 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Dear Mr. Gildersleeve,

Assemblyman McClintock has reviewed the enclosed letter from Lance Winslow and asked me to write.

I would appreciate it if you would assist our constituent in resolving a problem relating to the possibility of his company "The Car Wash Guys" retaining a copy of letter from your office stating that without the use of detergents his business is exempt from Water Code 13.260.  Please respond directly to our constituent at the enclosed address, with a copy to our district office.


Alison Edwards
Case Worker


cc: Lance Winslow

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