Council rejects bid to revise home-business ordinance
by Margaret Daly
Staff Writer

THOUSAND OAKS - A proposal to ban some professions and skilled trades from operating out of homes was rejected Tuesday as the City Council decided against changing its 23-year-old home-occupation ordinance.

Mayor Elois Zeanah and Councilman Alex Fiore, often on opposite sides of issues, provided a united front in leading the charge against amending the law, saying it works as is and should not be changed.

Owners of small businesses lauded the move.

"We're stifling small businesses in an economy that really doesn't need it," said Lance Winslow, owner of the Car Wash Guys.

Revisions would have restricted parking, the types of businesses allowed, and the amount of traffic a business could generate.

Danny Swarts, a studio photographer who works in his Thousand Oaks home, said his business doesn't affect his neighbors but would be banned under the proposed change.

Photographer Jon Gordon said his neighbors don't even know what he does for a living.

Fiore, who was on the council when the ordinance was passed in 1971, said the intent then was to guard against businesses that might produce noxious odors.

City officials said that even though the city has grown considerably since then, there have never been more than 10 complaints a year about home-based businesses.

Reprinted from News Chronicle, April 6, 1994.

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