Lance contacts the L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board in order to find a reolution to the City of Thousand Oaks' concerns.

March 5, 1991

Mr. Dave Gildersleeve
L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board
101 Centre Plaza Drive
Monterey Park, California 91754

Dear Dave,

My name is Lance Winslow, I run a small business in Thousand Oaks, CA.. We are primarily a detailing service.  We also offer a bi-monthly upkeep service which includes a wash and vaccuum.  We normally was cars at people's homes and offices.  We don't steam clean engines, undercarriages, or carpets.  In our washing process we use 2.4 gallons of deionized water under 1500 PSI.  We have switched to a NO-SOAP, jet rinse and dry system.  We call it "Splash & Dash".

It has been brought to my atention by Don La Voie, our local city code enforcement officer, that this type of service is a violation of California water code 13.260 & 13.263.  This is why we have recently switched to "Splash & Dash".  It really only affects my new clientele.   Usually these cars are very dirty in this case we charge a little more and drive them to a car wash.

After talking with Tom McClintock's office, I was told that if I used clear water and no soap, a letter of exemption from 13.260 might be obtained from your office.  That is the purpose of my letter to you.

Such a letter would satisfy local code enforcement.  I realize that your office deals with gross violators and that you have much more serious matters to deal with, however this problem is very serious to me.

I thank you in advance for your time and speedy reply.


Lance Winslow
The Car Wash Guys

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