Man will challenge car-wash ordinance
by Margaret Daly
Staff Writer

THOUSAND OAKS - A vocal opponent of the city's mobile car-wash ordinance scheduled to take effect at the end of the month says he'll challenge the law in court.

Lance Winslow, who owns a mobile car wash, said the City Council changed the law so drastically between its first reading in November and its second reading in January that it should have held another public hearing.

"They didn't even mention water catchment systems the first time," he said.

The ordinance as passed requires that all mobile car washes carry a water catchment system and operate at least 75 feet from a storm drain.

Winslow said his system cost him $2,040 for each of his seven trucks.

The cost issue alone, he said, should have prompted a new public hearing with all affected parties invited.

Councilman Frank Schillo said Winslow may have a point.

"A second reading normally is a hearing," he said.  "It's noticed, but maybe he's right."

Winslow said the law is another example of the city's double standard when it comes to self-regulation.

He told the council earlier this week that while catchment systems are required for mobile car washes because of environmental hazards, they're not required for the city's graffiti removal team, which uses chemical s that pose a greater environmental danger.

On Tuesday, the council will vote on whether to approve a $150 processing fee for mobile car-wash permits.  Each business already must pay $522 a year for code enforcement.

Reprinted from News Chronicle, March 12, 1994.

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