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Another unnecessary ordinance

What is it about mobile car washers that infuriates the Westlake Village City Council?  And why is the council wasting its time, trying to put these guys our of business?

The council's recent action again appears to be a senseless vendetta against a handful of people who simply want to make a living by cleaning peoples' cars in parking lots and driveways.

In a world where time is a valuable commodity, mobile car cleaners serve a useful purpose.  It's convenient to have your car spiffed up while working at the office.  And it's cheap.

The claim that mobile car washers pollute the environment is pure, unadulterated poppycock.  Take a look at the site of a mobile car wash an hour after the job is done.  There's no evidence of pollution.  And they use less water than John Doe when he washes his BMW at home.

So why are councilmembers again taking aim at mobile car washers?  Why would the council spend tax money to pass an ordinance that restrains trade?  Aren't there greater priorities in Westlake Village?

If it wasn't the city of Westlake Village, we'd begin to wonder if there's something more sinister; Do owners of fixed site car washes contribute money to city council campaigns?  Have councilmembers made investments in fixed site car washes?  Are mobile car washers being punished because they aren't members of the chamber of commerce and fixed site car wash dealers are?

Councilmembers' initial attempt to outlaw mobile car washers was bad enough.  Now it's getting worse.

Reprinted from The Acorn, March 9, 1994.

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