Before The Car Wash Guys became what it is today, Lance had several other businesses.  One of these was selling airplanes.  Here is an agreement between him and Air Camarillo Inc.

June 8, 1984

Mr. Lance Winslow
205 Crestview Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93010

Dear Lance,

This will confirm our agreement whereby you are joining Air Camarillo, Inc as an Aircraft Salesman for which activity you will be reimbursed on a commission basis as follows:

  1. Any brokered airplane which you sell, whether listed or not - 40% of the gross commission earned.
  2. Any company owned airplane which you sell - 25% of the gross profit: gross profit is defined as Sale Price minus the following: a) Cost b) Interest c) Insurance d) Capital improvements e) Any uncovered operating expenses.
  3. Minimum Commission on a company owned airplane will be $500.00.

Air Camarillo, Inc. will furnish reasonable advertising and promotional expenses all of which must first be approved by the General Manager.

It is understood that you will continue to operate your aircraft washing and waxing business and, if you so desire, you may have a telephone installed for so doing at your own expense.

Please keep in mind that you will be representing Air Camarillo in your sales activities and it is our sincere wish to comply with all County requirements for any activity with which we are associated on Camarillo Airport.   Welcome aboard.


Keith Ross
General Manager

Air Camarillo Inc.
173 Durley Ave., Hangar#1
Camarillo Airport, California 93010

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