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The Car Wash Gals

Kathy and Karen, mother and daughter, team up in the vast new field of mobile car washing.

Kathy, mother, says Newbury Park is ideal because so many people work here.  "We do companies like Textron, GM, Amgen, Northrop, GTE, etc."

Lots of smaller companies are also great clientele, such as Newbury Park Travel, Peter Timpson Mobil, The Baby Buggy, Casablanca, Century 21, Lamb Realty and all the ladies at the new Newbury Park Library.

The Car Wash Gals are using only 2.4 gallons to wash a car and are affiliated with the Car Wash Guys system.

Lance Winslow, CEO of the Car Wash Guys, says of all 13 crews ranging from Canoga Park to Santa Barbara, "They are probably one of the most successful, hardworking and friendliest team I've ever seen."

For service in Newbury Park, call Karen or Kathy at (800) 879-TRUE.  "Find out what true service is all about," says Karen.   After all, the first wash is free.

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