Lance Winslow
The Car Wash Guys

Dear Lance,

On behalf of Bedford Open School, we would like to express our sincere appreciation of your support of the Artisan Faire's Car Wash fund-raiser.  We are pleased to report to you that the car wash brought in over $700 to our school.  In addition, the Artisan Faire earned $8,000.  We are certain that the car wash contributed to the success of the Artisan Faire.

Thank you again for your sacrifice, hard work and enthusiastic support of our car wash fund-raiser.  We are enclosing an article from the Camarillo Daily News which mentions the Car Wash Guys.  Also enclosed is a copy of Bedford's Newsletter and a letter which we are sending to the editor of Camarillo Daily News.  We wanted to thank you publicly as well and let the people of our community know what a special person you are.


Linda Favacho
Fundraising Chairperson
Bedford Open School

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