Here is a great letter of support from some of our fabulous customers!

These people are Great!November 8, 1993

Dear City Council:

We are writing this letter with regards to the Car Wash Guys.  We work for a small business in Thousand Oaks.  We understand that you will be voting tomorrow night on some measures that will restrict and in some cases eliminate the service the Car Wash Guys provide.

We are hoping that you will vote "no" on the proposed ordinances.  We enjoy the service the Car Wash Guys provide.  If you pass the new ordinances, we will no longer be able to receive service from the Car Wash Guys.  This greatly upsets us.  This would mean that we would have to either take our cars to a "stationary" car wash which costs us time from work and twice the amount of money, or we would have to wash our cars at home.  Washing our cars at home means more water will be used and we may not use biodegradable products as the Car Wash Guys do.

Has the City of Thousand Oaks lost the spirit of free enterprise?  We feel that the Car Wash Guys should be allowed to continue to do business as they have in the past.  We enjoy the fast, friendly, economical, and ecologically safe service they provide.  Please vote against these measures.


Melanie Wlisman
Nancy Klein
Larry Marty
Christi Moore

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