You can never just sit back and let other people decide whether you should be in business or not.  The Car Wash Guys had to actively go out and request that customers let the City of Thousand Oaks know that mobile car wash services are beneficial, time-saving, and environmentally sound.  This flyer was distributed to many of our loyal clientele.

The CITY of THOUSAND OAKS is proposing tighter restriction on mobile car washing.  Tuesday evening at 8 PM the city council will vote on these new measures.  If these new ordinances are passed it will effect your service in the following ways.

  • We can only work on a parking lot for 30 min.   Therefore we may not have a chance to get to your car.

  • Since we will be limited to the number of cars we can wash, our price will go up if we are to stay in business.

  • We will need to get written permission from your landlord to work on this property.  If not acquired in the specified time there will be a lapse in service and possibly no service again, even if permission is granted.

  • If your car is parked within 75 ft of a drain grate we can't wash your car that day.  Even though we have a state permit allowing us to.

  • If you work in a retail center we can never wash your car again even if you own the store.

  • We won't be able to use soap, whitewall cleaner, tire dressing or rim cleaner, even though its all BIO-DEGRADABLE.

Please feel free to voice your opinions to City of Thousand Oaks

Phone: (805) 497-8611
FAX: (805) 496-2933
Mail: 2400 Willow Lance, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
City Council Meeting: 8 PM Tuesday night, 2400 Willow Lane

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