During the on-going battles between Thousand Oaks City Hall and the fixed site car wash owners, these bureaucrats  have conveniently forgotten the tremendous water savings by using The Car Wash Guys.  All this was commotion was going on while California was experiencing a drought.  What on earth was their intention?  Reward the fixed site car wash owners for wasting water during a drought?  Fortunately, there are still some good people out there with common sense as you can see below. 

Letters to the News ChronicleLetters to The News Chronicle
Conservative car washing?

Editor, News Chronicle:

Assuming that the current drought will continue for some time to come, it seems appropriate for us who are affected by it to share all the significant water-saving information possible.

In a data sheet found attached to my car's windshield recently, the publishing mobile detailing concern responsibly points out that car-washing can be one of the major culprits contributing to high water consumption and invites us to consider certain facts as we attempt to alleviate the problem.  These facts, produced by recognized carwash associations and environmental research centers, show that "The at-home car washer uses up to 138 gallons of water to wash a compact car and up to 183 gallons to wash a station wagon.  Even the water-conscious at-home car washer will take 23 minutes and will use 60 to 80 gallons of water."   Without a doubt, the cause for these high consumption rates is the typical garden hose which produces a 90-psi spray at 5 gallons of water per minute.   The detailer, on the other hand, asserts that he uses only 5 to 6 gallons employing a 1000-psi pressure washer which displaces and average of 2.6 gallons of water per minute.  And, he carries his own water supply!  Worth considering?  Sounds good to me!

Lou Dumond
Newbury Park
May 27

Reprinted from the News Chronicle.

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