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Mobile carwashes dispute ordinance
Owners say city actions just harassment
by Roberta Landman

WESTLAKE VILLAGE - City officials and some mobile carwash entrepreneurs will decide next month if they'll escalate a confrontation into a carwash legal war.

The city of Westlake Village contends that a city ordinance prohibits mobile carwash companies from operating there and has warned the mobiles not to work in their city.

But the owner of Car Wash Guys, Lance Winslow, says the city does not have such a law and that it is acting illegally to restrain his company and the Car Wash Gals, run by his wife, Leslie Nims.

"Nowhere in their entire zoning code it says anything about mobiles," Winslow said.  "It's just harassment...They're off the wall."

On July 30, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies arrested Nims, 26, of Newbury Park, and Yojana Maria Nuno-Lopez, 23, of Thousand Oaks.

The women, who were washing a car in a Westlake Village business parking lot, received citations and were immediately released.  The truck they were using was impounded.

In a police report on the incident, Sheriff's Deputy Norm Campbell wrote: "I...approached Ms. Nims and asked her if she was aware that she was in violation of the ordinance.  (remainder of article not available at this time)

Reprinted from The Thousand Oaks News Chronicle, August 17, 1993.

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