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Washing some cars and waxing philosophically

Wash, team, wash!  Spirits were high at a carwash held in the parking lot of the Village Glen Shopping Center in Westlake Village.  No surprise, since it was being put on to benefit the Westlake High School Spirit Leader Booster Club (that's cheerleaders and such for us older folks).

"Historically, this is our best fund-raiser," said Jacqui Whitney of Westlake Village, whose daughter, Shannon cheers for the Warriors.

The carwash was the first fund-raiser for the 1993-94 season and will help pay for uniforms, travel and other costs associated with the cheerleader program.  Whitney said the boosters' goal was to raise $1,000 the clean way.

Rhonda Wade, who was keeping an eye on the money, noted that another successful booster event is a flea market.  Among the beneficiaries will be her daughter, Tyler White.

Add wash: Helping out the fund-raiser were the folks from the ubiquitous Carwash Guys and Carwash Gals who donated four portable sprayer trucks.

"I was class president of my high school, so I know raising money is tough," said company owner Lance (the "Cow Wash Guys" during Conejo Valley Days) Winslow of Westlake Village.  "It's getting so expensive that you can't even afford to have a kid anymore."

Reprinted from News Chronicle, October 4, 1993.

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