charges thrown outCharges thrown out in carwash case

MAILBU - A Municipal Court commissioner threw out charges filed against two mobile carwash employees accused of illegally running a mobile carwash business in the city of Westlake Village, according to their attorney.

Municipal Court Commissioner Robert McIntosh said Leslie Nims and Yojana Maria Nuno-Lopez, employees of the Car Wash Guys, were charged with illegally operating a mobile carwash service under a city ordinance that was too vague "to put a reasonable person on notice of the charges against them."

Los Angeles County sheriff's officials arrested Nims and Nuno-Lopez on July 30 while they were washing cars in the private parking lot of a commercial center.  The city has until Sept. 2 to file a valid charge, if any,   or the two cases will be dismissed.

Reprinted from Daily News, August 27, 1993.

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