While most Car Wash Guys fundraisers are focused on schools, we do support other groups too.  Here is an announcement for a fundraiser we sponsored to help the newsletter called "The Outsider".  This newsletter is focused on helping homeless people.

United We Stand America

The Outsider
A monthly newsletter for the homeless and their friends.
August 1993 - For Ventura

Car Wash Fundraiser for the Outsider!
When: August 21st, 11:00-4:00pm
Where: Steve's UnoCal 76 - on the corner of Victoria & Telephone in Ventura.
Cost: Donations Welcome.

Come & Join in the Fun!

**All donations go into the production of the newsletter only.
**Transportation provided at 9:00am August 21st for Volunteers from the FOCUS Office at 973 Front Street.

Reprinted from The Outsider, August 1993.

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