Not exactly the kindest thank you letter, but it certainly shows you how much damage a competitor and city hall can create.  Even though mobile car washes maintained the right to conduct business in Thousand Oaks, California, permission letters to work on properties began to be required.  An inconvenience for both the mobile car wash employees and the customers.

m133.jpg (5991 bytes)Memorandum

April 14, 1993

To: Lance Winslow, The Car Wash Guys

From: Sarah J. Hart, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Subject: Permission to Conduct Fundraising Car Washes

The Conejo Valley Unified School District grants The Car Wash Guys permission to conduct special fundraising car washes for school district student activity groups and booster clubs.  Any car washing activities for fundraisers on district campuses must be approved by the site principal.

Permission to conduct fundraising car washes on district sites does not include permission to come on to school campuses to wash employee vehicles other than those specifically approved such as district maintenance vehicles.

Thank you for your assistance in raising funds for the educational programs in our district.

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