m127.jpg (10361 bytes)Council will review car washes

Westlake Village City Council members are scheduled to review the issue of mobile car washes at tonight's council study session.   The city's action has been a mirror image of the same subject in the city of Thousand Oaks.  Owners of permanent car washes in each city had complained that the mobile operators were not governed by the same stringent requirements concerning water recycling and waste runoff.

Westlake Village had postponed any action until studies conducted for T.O. by the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce had been completed, according to city documents.

The Conejo chamber study has been completed and the Regional Water Quality Control Board has also responded to concerns raised by T.O. of water runoff and pollution issues.  These documents have been made available to Westlake Village to assist in its deliberations.

The chamber study essentially recommends that mobile car washers continue to be regulated by city businesses licenses and solicitor permits, with the additional caveat that such operators first obtain permission from property owners before conducting business on private, commercial or business property.

The regional water agency said it had neither the personnel nor the money to regulate mobile car wash activities, according to a letter from the agency.  The agency's letter also indicated it was not particularly alarmed by pollutants present in water runoff samples tested by Thousand Oaks.

Westlake Village staff is expected to recommend that council members amend the city's zoning ordinance to require Temporary Use Permits be issued to mobile car wash operators.  A set of standard operating conditions has also been prepared.

Reprinted from The Acorn, April 28, 1993.

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