Our founder visited the Las Vegas Metro fire Department on a recent trip to determine just how bad the crisis is and what is being done to mitigate the potential threat of one of the worst fire seasons ever.

As a matter of fact, people and tourists having been dropping like flies due to the early heat from dehydration.  The Ambulance Contractor AMR has anywhere from 40-45 Ambulances on the street in a revolving grid defense program to handle the demand associated with getting the EMTs to the scene and delivering patients to the emergency centers.

We are experiencing a severe drought situation in many parts of our country and this may adversely affect our abilities to fight fires and decrease already low fresh water supplies. We are in the middle of the peak solar maximum, which is following a La Nina cycle and also feeling the effects of Global Warming due to our inconsistent worldwide methods of production, manufacturing and use of chemicals and increased use of burning of fuels to make things work. For this reason our founder has pledged himself to do two things. One; look for solutions to the Local, National and Worldwide problems. Two; look for opportunity for our franchise team. This is why we have been looking into the servicing of some very interesting market sectors;

The Mobile Unit Wash Guys Firetruck Wash Guys
The Fire Hose Wash Guys The Fire Damage Wash Guys
The Fire Tanker Wash Guys The Air Conditioning Units Wash Guys

The problem is so big that Congress has recognized that this may in fact be the biggest fire season in five decades. We at WashGuys agree that the data available makes this a year to be prepared. We are also Introducing a Arson Watch Booklet to coincide with public awareness to this problem. This book should be out in the next month or so.

Here is some background on the recent information you may have been reading in your local newspapers in your areas, and what it may mean to you personally. We know it will affect our network of Washing Businesses, and are going into a full scale alert status to be ready for instant action as soon as resources literally dry up. One large fire may take half of an areas fresh water to fight. Compounded with the already dry climate conditions we are already seeing.

In Texas and the Gulf area the Rio Grande River water did not make it to the Gulf of Mexico now for two years in a row. Water fights up river are becoming a big concern as Texas does not seem to be letting up on its growth, nor is its deterring of people from moving in or developers from building. Solution: build more car wash trucks, which are 10 times more efficient and shut down all car washes in the state. Simple, really.

In Tucson Arizonz utility companies are returning ground water and gray water to the rivers leading to aquifers to replenish the underground water for the cities wells. This should take care of the curbing of over pumping of groundwater. Much of which feeds the Tucson golf courses and is necessary for a stable economy.

Fallon, Nevada, the Navy has cleaned up ground water and aviation fuel tank leaks, which might have hurt the ground water tables so much of that ground water may not be available for consumption. California Bay-Delta water supply is in trouble this year as droughts are expected along with a strong fire season, which has already begun last week as Susanville evacuated half of their city. This will be interesting.

So far we are seeing drought restrictions on car washes in many states and we will continue to see more problems in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Arizona, California and it will be a very big deal, one which we are more than prepared for at The Wash Guys. We are finding this drought situation is very wide spread, and a terrible distribution problem. In the Carolinas with the previous flooding of farm lands much biological contamination entered the public water supply. Staying on top of issues that affect this team. Turning adversity into opportunity. This will be our primary focus moving into the next two years with regards to environmental issues and water supply.

Here is what we feel will be the worst affected. Tampa, Orlando, Ft Myers, Naples, Cape Canaveral, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Columbus Georgia, Macon Georgia, Hilton Head South Carolina, Savannah Georgia, all of North Carolina, Richmond Virgina, Memphis Tennessee, Kansas City, all of Idaho, all of Montana, North and West Wyomingoming, all of Washington state, all of Oregon, Sacramento, bay delta Region, Northern California, Western Texas, Hawaii. We predict that Washington, Oregon, North California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Tenneessee, Texas, and Virgina, will start to improve after the solar maximum is done and certainly by 2002-03. We feel Georgia, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina and Florida and Hawaii will get worse even after the solar maximum. So our opportunity to show the world our super efficient methods will become very important in the up coming years in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Hawaii. But for now we will concentrate our efforts to advise consumers of our efforts in states such as Washington, Oregon, California, Northern Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Northern Arkansas, Arizona, West and South Texas, lower Lousiana, Southern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

Let us warn also that with fire season expected to be very bad in places like, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, Lousiana, Oklahoma, we may see double compounding in those states. So we are looking at probabilities in these states as high-risk areas, which will definitely be ones to watch. With fires taking lots of resources as far as water and large amounts of government budgets it is no wonder the experts involved have asked Congress to increase the fire mutual assistance program with an additional 1.5 billion dollars, which just passed. Yet this will not be enough and even the air national guards have increased budgets for fire fighting using phoschec. National Forestry Service and Department of Interior are also expecting a big fire season and all agencies of risk are pumping up for the inevitable. Last year states got hammered hard in Montana, Colorado, California, Arizona, this year expect, much of the fresh water supply to be used to fight the big ones, leaving less water for carwashes, farmers and people. check out;

We have used this resource to help guide our team through the wicked fire seasons last year. We are capable of cleaning the undercarriages of fire vehicles in weed free areas and cleaning of aircraft which spray fire retardants, and spraying on non-burning chemicals onto fleets, factories, equipment and structures. Then we can later clean them off after the threat is gone.

We are well aware of who will be doing the firefighting this year and the dollars spent. Those fighting from the air are the Air force Aux, Air National Guard Stations with C-117, C-130, C-141. The Forestry Service can deploy up to 450 aircraft. Tanker planes drop slurry chemicals on fires, even using C-5 Galaxy. Helicopters deployed carry chemicals and evacuate injured and at risk personnel, Small spotter aircraft direct drops. All needing washes to prevent corrosion of aluminum parts and to protect viability for pilots. The mutual assistance programs developed an interagency task force to work simultaneously. Local City, County, Seasonal, Prison Labor, Casual Firefighters, volunteers, National Guards men, Army, etc. And after a fire, there is ash and debris all over the cars, the ground, and buildings. WashGuys are ready to do free services at parks, playgrounds, schools and churches and are ready to deploy for paid services of pressure washing anything, anytime, anywhere and anyplace who calls.

More websites about fire prevention, safety and fighting are below. Our team has been researching this issue for the last several quarters following last years massive Western and Midwestern fires;   In Spanish

This is just one thing we are doing to stay on top of the fire and drought situations forthcoming. We will always stay on top and be prepared for events and continually use the adversities caused by mother natures as opportunities for our team to grow.

We call this the power of presence. While California car washes battle consumer backlash to price increases of up to five dollars since Oct. of 2000, now they may have to increase again as water rationing may cause another tripling affect in increased water prices. States such as Texas are having people buy up water rights and talking about a sliding scale of $800 per acre-foot and El Paso at $1400 per acre-foot to deliver the water by pump. In the May 26 issue of the Economist there was an article called pay up or dry up talking about the problem in Texas as populations increase, business booms and water dries up. T. Boone Pickens is no dummy either having been caught buying up water rights and agreeing to buy water now at a predetermined price in the future from those water rights owners who do not wish to sell in Western Texas. I see someone else has been studying this supply side situation as well. Imagine cornering the lifeline to all major Western Texas cities. A much similar strategy was applied by US Filter in California.

There is big business in life essentials. Without water in the desert you die. So as it becomes scarce, it increases rapidly in value. So with that known we will become more efficient and we may be the only car washing service available to wash cars and still retain a profit. If the water lifeline is cut off and one person controls the water rights, that person will send his advanced purchase prices into outer space in a few years. We will be prepared to have our marginal costs increase and simultaneously lower them through deployment of water saving measures.

And as ground water is taken out and aquifers dry up, cavities are created unfilled and we know that that is a problem with earthquakes as under ground cavities collapse. Imagine a situation like that happening in Utah during the Winter Olympics causing a slide big enough to trigger the Big Fault line underneath the city? Is this a crazy notion? It happened in the Coalinga, California Earthquake in the Central Valley after all the oil was removed from the ground?

More information from government sources here is a most excellent site to look at; 

Some may deny Global Warming and Solar Cycles, and say that it is not as bad as it seems, but the stats keep coming in and are indicating that there is a situation brewing. May 2001 was the hottest in 137 years in Northern Nevada. Las Vegas had 27 consecutive days in the 100s. Phoenix also hottest. Reno set a 113 year old record. 8 degrees average hotter this year in Nevada. Causing a situation for Hydro Plants due to record low level rains this year in Nevada and also elsewhere in Oregon, California, Arizona, etc. Elko Nevada set two records this month already. Another problem is that with less water it means Hydro Plants cannot produce the maximum energy necessary to counteract the maximum usage with air-conditioning units in the hottest climates causing imminent outages. So Palo Verde nuclear Power station which is the largest US power producer was also visited by our founder. He applauded the expansion taking place there with another additional six reactors being built to put power into the grid. Right now today there are three full functioning reactors there. With these issues at hand there is also opportunity cleaning HVirginiaC air-conditioning units on top of buildings. When the flanges on the units are clean they stay cooler longer and prevent the units from running constantly and sucking up energy. A clean HVirginiaC unit is said to be 15-20% more efficient and therefore using 15-20% less energy. This we believe is a great service business in itself helping our customers save money and helping the West Coasts temporary energy issues. If energy costs are nearly triple in some markets like San Diego, California then the 15-20% more efficient units use 45-60% less dollars to operate. So a constant cleaning the is in the ball park of 20% of the cost savings is more than viable and beneficial to the leanest and meanest corporations looking to save money and increase shareholders equity and quarterly profits. Companies like Wal Mart, Home Depot and Large Hotel Chains will have to buy these services.

One thing we have found in our industry is that is constantly changing, we intend to move with the changes and continue our market domination in these sectors.

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