We visited the site for the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Unfortunately, it was not yet built.

So, our Founder (also President of Wash Guys) brought his own library to the site.  We were actually the first Presidential Library on that site.   Our corporate offices have a library and reference area which occupies half of the second floor of the Corporate Command Center.

The books range in topics include law, environmental, military strategy, biographies, business, politics, reference, taxation, war novels, science, aviation, trucking, marine, industry guides, aerospace, genetics, astronomy, marketing, and finance.  Not to mention magazines dating back several decades in various sectors.

The library also contains CD ROMS filled with data, world history, evolution, theology, culture, classics and more.  Plus, there is a video library with training, compliance, documentaries, and meetings videos.

When the Founder made his commitment to the team to travel full-time, he decided to pack-up one third of his home library and take it with him.   He feels his decision in part was made as a tribute to "Our First Lady".   Mrs. Bush is a librarian, as well as a teacher, and First Lady.

With rows and rows of books, many books doubled up on top of each other on some shelves, Mr. Winslow feels that if he does not know the answer, he certainly knows where to find it.   Knowledge is power.  Mr. Winslow feels that knowledge is some of what you buy when you join a franchise.  Some feel he is trying to make up for leaving college to run his business full-time.  He just laughs and says, "real education and learning takes a lifetime.  I would rather choose what I read, instead of being brain washed."  Mr. Winslow is a proponent of learning and has formed a foundation to encourage today's youth.

There is very little information not contained in the Blitz Mobile library, but "whatever is not here," says Mr. Winslow, "I can find on the Internet."  The Command Center also has online connections.

In case anyone doubts this is the actual site of the Clinton Library, make note of the old rail road bridge in the background crossing river.

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