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Team Wash Guy Pets

Bogey in Reno, Nevada is our featured Car Wash Guys Pet for the month of October. Bogey was saved from the Humane Society as a small pup, and began his new life with his family in Reno, NV.

Bogey is a great dog and loves his family dearly. Bogey's hobbies include riding around in The Car Wash Guy truck.  In fact if you asked Bogey, who's truck that was, he would wag his tail and say it was his.  Too bad he can't speak english yet, oh well, that hasn't stopped him.  If you are not authorized to be on that truck he will let you know it.

Bogey's pet rescue story as told by Bogey's Family:

I went to Animal Control (knowing those dogs only have seven days to live) and saw this German Shepard mix puppy in a cage. I asked about him and the people said there was a waiting list of five people to adopt him. I asked to be put on the list thinking I would never hear from them.

He was too young to be adopted, he was found on a street at two weeks old.

I got a call and the other five people didn't come through. We got Bogey. Gino always says to people "that dog will just lick you to death" because he has never attacked or done anything to anyone. One day we were taking a walk on the mountain behind our house. Our neighbor was walking his black lab. The black lab rushed us and Bogey bared his teeth and went into attack mode. We have NEVER seen this. But, he thought the dog was going to hurt Gino, myself or Briana. He is a wonderful dog, we have had him for ten years now. He is loyal and has great perseverance, if he isn't a Car Wash Guy Dog then I don't know what is!

All the members of the Car Wash Guys team value their pets and the lives of animals that have been abandoned, left homeless, or hurt and we are working to help "no kill" pet adoption facilities continue to help find homes for pets like Bogey and Humphries (another featured Car Wash Pet who was given a second chance with a new family after being abandoned).  Click here to see what we are doing to help.

If you are looking to add a fur-kid to your family please check out the humane society's website first. If you don't find the pet you are looking for you can find many shelters in almost every city that will help you find the right pet.

"Dogs Love Trucks"  -Nissan