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Team Wash Guy Pets

BanditThis is Bandit of Fallbrook

Bandit loves avocados so much that he collects them during the day and puts them around his bed, and then eats them in the middle of the night. Hey everyone needs a midnight snack or two!  But wait, there is more to this than merely wanting a snack in the wee hours of the night.  This is his closely guarded beauty secret to maintaining that shiny coat.  Uh Oh we just published it, now we are bound to get growled at. In addition to guarding secrets on how he maintains his shiny coat, he guards the ranch and watches out for competitors and mobile detailers who are not on the his (WashGuys) team. Bandit is the Washing Industries only known avocado eating pet. Bandit's favorite activities are going for a ride in any car or truck, particularly any car or truck that is yellow.

GRRRR, BARK, WOOF, Good Boy!  Aren't furkids the best!